Commutative property of multiplication is a small math game of intelligence. In this game, its main content is to teach you how to use the exchange property of multiplication in mathematical knowledge. Through a simple game, you can have a deep understanding of its content and be able to draw inferences from one instance and win this knowledge point.

Game operation of Commutative property of multiplication

In the common property of multiple applications, your transactions are all around the exchange property of multiplication. The system will give you relevant questions, such as two times three equals six; Here, you can also exchange three times two. So that’s what this game is all about. Input via mouse and numeric keyboard. The system will judge your answer. Don’t take it lightly just because you think you can calculate it. Scores are often lost carelessly.

Game features of Commutative property of multiplication

Its characteristic is straightforward, nothing more than a math game, let you know the knowledge point of the exchange nature of amplification, and better digest it. A characteristic property of multiple applications enables you to review and apply knowledge efficiently in a relaxed state.

Common Property of Multiplication is a simple game for you to gain.  You can learn and apply the exchange law of multiplication through abstract and straightforward questions, connect with real learning, and have a free and comfortable practice platform.  Word wipe has the same effect. It would help if you observed because the word is not only from the positive direction but can be in any direction as long as it is the correct word.

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